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March 12, 2015
by Rachel

Almost Solvang!

A few years ago, after blowing a spoke at mile 80, I swore I’d never do the Solvang Century ever again.

Until this year, when a good friend picked it for her first 100 miler – so here I go, once again, a fun day of heat, crosswinds, and chipseal.

I usually travel to events with my bike inside the car, but since there will be two of us plus luggage, the bikes have to ride on the rack on the back of the car.

That’s all well and good for the steel bike – it’s indestructible. But my beautiful carbon baby is delicate.

So, I decided to take some precautions.


My baby. Look how pretty and white she is.  Also, I emptied my bank account to buy her. I can’t afford for anything to happen to her.

So, I stopped by the local hardware store and bought some plumbing pipe insulation.




It’s hollow, comes in three different sizes, and each unit is about six feet long.



Measure, then cut.


Then, I fit the cuts over the various parts of the bike, and then secured them.


Tape on some parts, but on the top and down tube I’ll use twine so I don’t have to mess up the brake cables. And yes, that’s masking tape, so it won’t mess up my paint.

Actually, it may not be strong enough and I may have to use twine over it, but I’m willing to do that to prevent damage.

Does it look silly? Sure does.

Do I care? Nope.


March 5, 2015
by Rachel

Last long ride before Solvang

I’ve been riding with a friend of mine who will be doing her first bike century on March 14th. I swore I’d never do Solvang again, but here I am. At least this time I won’t be doing it on a time trial bike!

We rode up Pacific Coast Highway to Mugu Rock, and we had a glorious day – sunny and warm.


Looking south from Mugu rock towards Malibu


The final approach!


A lovely view at Sycamore Canyon campground, where we made a potty stop.

I got a flat at Neptune’s Net, but other than that we made good time and had a lovely ride.


February 25, 2015
by Rachel
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